PC enthusiasts

PC Enthusiasts is a terminology used to embrace a multitude of different aspects of the PC Modding and PC enthusiast scene. They involve many different parts of the PC community from building a basic PC right up to advance modding techniques straight though to show case liquid cooling set ups.

Anyone can become a PC Enthusiast and the community as a whole embraces all kinds of creative people and knowledge to bring about a change in the way you look at modern day PCs.

We here at Mayhems Consider PC’s the art showcases of the new new tech savy generation.

Mayhems Support the liquid cooling side of the PC Enthusiast scene by creating new and inventive ideas such as Mayhems Aurora and our Nano Pastel range of fully working coolants. We have also worked on other projects such as Mayhems Illusion and Mayhems Chameleon which we are still working on to this day.

We have also produced Radiators and other cooling components such as the Mayhems Havoc range which caused a little controversy among other companies who did not like the way we introduced new and improved on ideas on such products.

Mayhems does not see its product base as a simplistic coolant, we see it as a tool for users to use in a manner befitting of there projects.

We offer a wide selection of SFX, Opaque and see though coolants that any one can change to there needs using dyes of SFX and for fill there creative desiree that was never seen before in our industry.

Mayhems was the only company who actually changed the way coolants looked and worked, so much so the whole PC industry embraced it and started to introduce more colour to there cases and other products used with in a PC and a new generation of product were born that pushed the envelope even further.