Mayhems Ultra Pure H20

Our Ultra Pure H20 is the cleanest most pure water cooling fluid developed specifically with water cooled PCs in mind. Our Ultra Pure H20 has an electrical conductivity mark of less than 0.05µS or approx 0.05 PPM at source. Our liquid goes though more processes than any other liquid cooling manufacturer on the planet and we guarantee you will not get any better than our Ultra Pure H20.

Advantages of Mayhems Ultra Pure Water
  • Guaranteed High QC controlled liquid
  • The best non-conductive at sorce liquid for liquid cooled PCs available to the end user
  • More than 99.999% impurities removed from the water
  • Food Safe Bottles use
  • Long storage times if kept in a cool dark environment away from direct sun light @ 20c for up to 2 years
  • Can be used with Mayhems Dyes, Mayhems Silver Coils and Mayhems Biocide
  • Electrical conductivity mark of less than 0.05 µS or approx 0.05 PPM at source
  • 1 Litre bottles come with a Child Safety Cap fitted as standard and 5 Litre bottles come in a sealed drum with markers on the side per Litre
  • Manufactured and produced totally in the UK

When using Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 it is recommended that you also use a biocide and inhibitor if needed.

  • 1 Ltr Ultra Pure H20
  • 5 Ltr Ultra Pure H20
  • 25 Ltr Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 (Special request only)