Mayhems Dyes

Mayhems award winning Dyes are the world’s number one choice for creating a unique colour within the customers Water-cooled system. The aforementioned dyes are also known for being the brightest dyes currently available on the market. In addition we also encourage the end-user to mix and match differing colours in order to achieve their own variation.

All the dyes in Mayhems dye range have been tested so they all work with each other and can be mixed to create any colour the user wishes. We have gone though many different dyes to make sure what you get works and works well. Our dyes can be used with any premixed liquids, Water, Coolant that is not alcohol based.

  • Each dye comes in a 15ml Capped squeezable bottle.
  • Mayhems Dyes can be mix (unless otherwise stated).
  • The strongest and brightest colour available to date.
  • Tested to destruction so the user knows they will not clog a system.
  • Will not break down or separate and will not destroy plastics, rubbers, sealants.
  • None industrial Dyes there for do not contain contaminates
  • 1 x 15ml bottle with do upwards of 5 US gallons or upwards 18.9 Ltrs
  • Comes in UV active and None UV colours to mix and match.
  • All our dyes are none toxic and conform to the highest standards ever seen in the water cooling world.
  • Up to 3 years shelf life span. 2 Years once opened and kept in a cool, dry, dark environment.
  • re·nowned for being the best you can get and will not clog or break down in a water cooling system.
  • All our dyes are traceable back to source and we only use the highest quality dyes.
  • Made and developed in the UK.

Industrial dyes contain extra ingredients that are not disclosed. Some of these ingredients can be harmful to metals and can fall out of the liquid causing the system to block up or clump.)

Mayhems dye range is a proven product built from the ground up and distributed by Mayhems. It has been toughly tested by top water cooling enthusiasts and modders alike. With Mayhems you pay for what you get. We don’t need fancy expensive packaging to sell our products they do that them self.